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PegasusCart® Documentation Navigating Pegasus

Navigating the PegasusCart® UI

The PegasusCart® User Interface (UI) is broken down between two columns consisting of the Main Menu in the left column and the notification bar in the right column. With both components users can navigate and track the status of their stores from any part of the dashboard. The menu itself was designed with the goal of removing unnecessary clicks.

Main Menu

Allows members to navigate to any part of the PegasusCart® Dashboard, or between Webstores under Pegasus easily.

  • : Toggles visibility of the alias webstore menu.
  • : Displays alias webstores from which to choose from under a member account.

Additionally, the main menu groups activities under relative menu's that were designed to best associate the needs of store owners at each step of the managing process and provide some useful tools in the process.

For instance, members that may be currently handling orders can utilize and filter necessary tasks like order status, freight, and shipping options under one interface with ease of access.


Displays PegasusCart® version, username, notifications, and logout capabilities.

  • 3.2.14: PegasusCart® version.
  • TRENT NELSON: Name associated with the members account.
  • : Begins the logout process of an active account.