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PegasusCart® Documentation My Stores

My Stores

The My Stores page displays critical information and tools necessary for members to manage and use their webstores easily. Additional information will be added as development progresses but in the mean time the following resources are available for members to utilize:

Registered Sites: Displays all webstores currently active under one member account, and highlights critical details such as pending orders, messages, alias webstores and their site ID's. PegasusCart accounts are permitted and encouraged to manage a number of sub or alias webstores under one umbrella in order to simplify overall maintenance and operation.

  • Product Rating -
  • Alias Webstores - "https://Aliaswebstores.com"
  • Alias Site ID - ACDCE

Reminders: Displays reminders defined by any member customizable to their needs.

Latest Announcements: Displays PegasusCart® staff announcements regarding all updates and improvements to the PegasusCart® platform.

Support: Provides support options including tickets, and references for learning resources.