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PegasusCart® Documentation Marketing


Marketing Menu Breakdown

The marketing menu consists of tools related to the use of promotionals and advertisement. The menu consists of both the Promotion and Advertisement pages.


The promotion page provides members with the means to build and display special deals, discounts, and coupons to their customers in the form of a pop-up, or overlay display.

The design of the promotion is similar to that of the inventory or presentation pages and displays four distinct bits of information about a promotion including: the Date of it's eligibility, the Description, Promocode offered, and the URL it applies to.

Date: Date of eligibility or allowed use.

Description: Description of the promotion.

Promocode: Promotional Code for use in a sale.

URL: Designated URL that the promotion is active under.

Create a New Promotion

To create a new promotion, click New Promotion and fill out the necessary information.

Information used to create a promotion includes: Promocode, Description, Help URL, Start and Stop Date, Discount %, Max. Usage, Min Sale, Max Discount, Cash Discount, Freight Discount, Ship Discount, Exclusive Category, Exclusive Part, One Time Limit, Stackable, and Active Status.

Promocode [REQUIRED]: The promotional code used by a customer to trigger a promotion.

Description [REQUIRED]: The description of the promotion

Help URL: The help page associated with the promotion, in order to assist and explain the promotion to customers whom are curious for more information.

Start Date: Start date of promotion eligibility.

Stop Date: End date of promotion eligibility.

Discount [REQUIRED]: Discounted percentage based on the promotion.

Max. Usage [REQUIRED]: Maximum number of times this promotion may be used.

Min. Sale: Minimum sale amount for eligibility.

Max. Discount: Maximum discount sale amount.

Cash Discount: Designated cash discount amount.

Freight Discount: Designated Freight shipping discount.

Exclusive Category: Exclusive Category that this promotion applies too.

Exclusive Part: Exclusive part/product this promotion applies too.

One Time Limit Status: Designated one time limited use of a promotion.

Stackable Status: Status used to determine if a promotion can be stacked with other promotions.

Active Status: Active status of a promotion.

Tip: Excluding the required fields, other promotion options may be used to further customize and control a promotion.

Edit an Existing Promotion

To edit an existing promotion click and edit any necessary information.