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PegasusCart® Documentation Dashboard


Dashboard Overview

The dashboard is responsible for summarizing critical information about the well-being of a business. This critical information can include orders, messages, sales, average order costs, and the frequency of orders over a period of up to 7-days. Each of these metrics is displayed utilizing appropriate graphical illustrations to best describe this information.


The general section displays the pending order and message count of any number of webstores (alias webstores included).

Orders: Displays the order count of all webstores.

Messages: Displays the message count of all webstores.

Dashboard Breakdown

Each categorical section of the dashboard is broken into two columns or parts, the left column displaying critical bits of information mentioned earlier such as overall sales, average order costs, and more these are displayed as little boxes stacked on one another. The right column displays graphical illustrations of the data to provide a bigger and more appropriate picture of the situation. Data in these graphs is interactive so users can locate changes in a 7-day period.

Left Column

Right Column


The orders section displays information about your webstore orders including: total sales, and the average order cost as well as a full summary of the last 7-day period rolling forward with each new day.


The visitors section displays information regarding webstore visitors including: unique visitors, mobile and non-mobile views, total views, and non-mobile to mobile view ratio.