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PegasusCart® Documentation Customers


Customers Overview

The customers category provides the ability for members to manage both Customers and to communicate with them directly using the Live Chat feature.


The customer management page was designed to help members collect information on customers in order to process orders for existing customers more easily and reward return customers. With the exception of extra data columns the Customers page is not unlike the inventory, or presentation pages in its structure.

Information that can be collected from customers includes: Creation Date, Name, Address, Phone, Alternate Phone, Email, Alternate Email, City, State, Zip, and Country.

Add a Contact

To add a contact, fill in any necessary information at the top of the contact table, and click Add Contact.

Other Ways

A customer can also be added via a live order. Simply display an orders details, and beneath the order summary Customer details can be updated or added anew by clicking Add Contact .

Edit a Contact

To edit a contact, click and edit any information necessary.

Live Chat

PegasusCart®'s Live Chat feature is a critical and helpful tool in staying ontop of customer needs. To access Live Chat make sure to bring your Site ID (Code) with you and login using your active login credentials.

Tip: Only the master account of a webstore will have immediate access, all other accounts must be created within the Live Chat interface under the master account.

Live Chat Overview

The Live Chat page consists of a navigation bar along the top that displays several bits of information including the Active Status of a user, Chat Session Name, the Manage Users button, Quick Replies, and the Blacklist. Additionally, the Site Activity Pool is displayed beneath the navigation.

Active Status

The active status button determines whether a user is visible and available for customers on the appropriate member store. When offline visitors of a webstore cannot interract with a member. If the status displayed is Online, than a visitor can contact and reach out directly.

Manage Users

The manage users section allows the master account user to add other accounts to manage the Live Chat function of their webstore. The display in this section provides information on the Admin Status, Login ID, Chat Name, Password, Lock Status, Last IP used, Last Date and Last Time logged in.

Admin: Toggle this to determine the permission rights of a user. Admin's have access to the greater Live Chat system as a whole including the ability to edit other users access, add users, or delete them.

Login ID: The Username of a new user for logging into the Live Chat.

Chat Name: The name of the user.

Password: The Password of a new user for logging into the Live Chat.

Locked: Determines the locked status of an account due to failed login attempts. If checked, then unchecking will release the account lock and allow the user to login again.

Last IP: The last known IP the user logged in from.

Last Date: The last known Date the user logged on.

Last Time: The last known Time of day the user logged on.

Quick Replies

The Quick Replies interface provides the user with the ability to establish custom and quick replies for communicating with visitors. These replies can be utilized for a number of situations including, Initial Greetings, Pre-Sign Off notice, Awaiting Visitor notice, Sign Off notice, General, and Detailed Help.

Adding a Quick Reply

To add a quick reply, click Quick Replies and begin by filling in information about the type of quick reply, the quick reply text, or a detailed description one field lower.

Note: Utilizing the detailed description will override the relative quick reply text.


The blacklist is an important feature used to handle unruly visitors, spam, and other unwanted contact. The blacklist interface consists of a table similar to managing users, and displays the Active Status of a user, the Black Listed IP, Date, Time (of blacklist), and the Agent's IP in question.

Note: Admin accounts can also add, delete, or update blacklist information.

Site Activity Pool

The site activity pool displays information about visitors currently reaching out to you via the Live Chat. This information includes the Age, User IP, Last URL, Device, State, City, and TZone (Time Zone) of the visitor.

Age: Displays the minute age of the visitors connection to the chat interface.

User IP: Provides the visitors IP.

Last URL: Provides the last visited url of the visitor across a webstore. This is useful for tracking where an issue may occur and allows admins to be of more assistance to visitors before an issue can occur.

Device: Displays the type of device operating system the user utilizes which can be useful for determining and solving technological issues.

State: Provides the state the visitor resides in.

City: Displays the City the visitor is in.

TZone: Displays the relative Time Zone of the visitor.

Additionally, the Site Activity Pool table also displays the count of mobile and non-mobile devices in the lower bottom left corner of the table. Live Chat users can also filter the activity results for any number of reasons including targetting a specific URL, Age, IP, Device and more.

Chatting with Visitors

To begin a chat with a user, simply set your Active Status to Online and either wait or manually refresh the Site Activity Pool. A visitor will be automatically chosen and a sound will occur prompting you to the new chat box that will appear in the left hand side of the screen.

In the chat window you will be able to note your displayed Session Name, as well as the name of the visitor attempting to reach out for help. From here you will also quickly be able to note the ability to use previously established quick replies and any links.