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PegasusCart® Documentation Analytics



Analytical data is critical for members to understand the health of their organization. PegasusCarts analytics are extensive, far reaching, and simplistic to use. The analytics page consists of two components including: Report Filtering, and Reports.

Report Filtering

Provides options for customizing the display and calculation of reports gathered including: Which reports should be called, Date range of the reports, and any key words.


Displays the reports specified based on the existence of any filters and displays them. Graphs can be displayed as bar, pie, or numerical charts with the addition of other options as time goes on.

Calling a Report

To call a report, simply select which engine should be used to gather the report from whether by Manual Traffic, the Rating Engine, or General Traffic, select a date range, and click Build Report.

Manual Traffic: Reports gathered from manual traffic via any page that calls PegasusCart® script.

Rating Engine: Reports gathered from pages using just the PegasusCart® Rating Engine.

General Traffic: Reports gathered from all pages running the general PegasusCart® overlay.

Customizing a Report

To customize a report, click and check which kinds of reports should display. Only checked reports will display when called.

Exporting a Report

To export a report, call any report and find it on the display. At the bottom of each report click Export Report.